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Wendell's Frog Blog — Profile

Name:  Wendell Zetterberg, Jr.

Location:  Frankfort, Indiana
Birthday:  23 March, 1973
Bio:  I was born in North Carolina while my Dad was stationed there with the Marines but I have lived near Frankfort Indiana for all I remember. I am married with three children. I am currently not working due to a status migraine that I have now had for over six years. Although there is no proof, some doctors believe it is because of permanent nerve damage from working with pesticides at a seed corn plant. I occupy my time volunteering with Frogwatch USA, and the Indiana Amphibian Monitoring Program were I received the 2005 Indiana NAAMP Volunteer of the year. I am also a member of the Hoosier Herpetological Society . I am also a board member of Nature Abounds .Because of my own struggles with pesticides, I feel helping frogs and toads is a step in the right direction.
Interests:  I love the outdoors. I enjoy hiking and camping. I have started fishing, although I think I enjoy sitting along the bank more than catching fish, which is probably a good thing since I do not catch many. Herping is my passion, (especially amphibians) but I also enjoy birding. I am working on surveying the herpetofauna of Clinton County to get an accurate idea of what is here. I hope to find a massasauga here and extend its range by one county to the south. I've been told many stories about "rattlesnake" sightings here, but there is no record of any venomous snake being found here. I also hope to find a Plain's leopard frog and prove it is not extirpated in Indiana. I am also working on an experiment to test the effects of aroma from a hog farm on frog calls. I enjoy talking with kids about amphibians through school and nature programs. In September of 2005 I found a bullfrog with a malformed leg here in my home county, I had read about this, but seeing it here really made me decide to try to teach others about amphibian declines and conservation and to promote Frogwatch USA and NAAMP. These are programs anyone can get involved with, they are very beneficial to frogs and science, and they are really fun. Check out

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Blog Created:  Wednesday, 8 March 2006
Last Updated:  Monday, 29 August 2011 - 9:36 PM EDT
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